Inner Mongolia Shuangxin Environment-Friendly Material Co., Ltd. (Shuangxin PVA Circular Economy Industry base) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shuangxin Resources Group. It is one of the most complete coal chemical industry chain enterprises in Inner Mongolia, also the only complete PVA industry chain enterprises in China (Coal/Limestone mining - Power plants - Calcium carbide, Acetylene -Vinyl acetate – PVA - PVA fiber).The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health & safety management system and ISO50001 energy management system certification, also won the certificates with crown logo issued by the International authority of the royal cnacl (UKAS). Its Polyvinyl alcohol products won the "brand-name products in Inner Mongolia" .


The company’s PVA Circular economy industry chain project plan a total investment of 16.5 billion yuan, including the annual output of 440,000 tons of biodegradable polymer Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and its downstream processing product - Special fiber products with capacity of 60,000 tons, supporting construction of comprehensive utilization of carbide slag to produce 7500 tons/day of new dry process cement clinker, daily processing 20,000 tons of sewage treatment and gray water recycle system, 2 x330mw gangue power plant and 220 kv substation.

The Company has staff of 1159 people, including 1 post-doctors, 5 doctors, 25 masters, 120 undergraduates, college degree or above personnel account for 83.6% of the total staff number. In Oct. 2012, the company established Inner Mongolia Shuangxin High Polymer material technology Institute, continuously introduced high-level personnel through “Jing Meng talent exchange and cooperation platform”. In Oct. 2014, the company set up a “Science and technology innovation base”; by the end of 20143, there were 46 technicians in the innovative entrepreneurial talent team,  has possessed the independent research and development ability of high-value-added product, and has got 9 patents, another 13 projects are under development.

The company always adhere to the “Three Fusion and Three enhancement”(promoting the fusion of party’s construction with cultural construction to enhance the enterprise cohesive force; promoting the fusion of the party’s construction with enterprise management to enterprise competitiveness; promoting the fusion of the party’s construction and the talent revitalizing enterprise to enhance enterprise creativity), “Two guide”(Science & technology Orientation, Integrity Orientiation), adhering to the concept of “Three Win-Win” (Win-Win between safety production and economic benefit, Win-Win between enterprise development and staff development, Win-Win between company and partners.) . With the spirit of Simple dedication, Perseverance and Never yielding of “ White Poplar”, the company determine to blaze a trail of circular economy with comprehensive utilization of resources, clean & efficient and scientific development, transform the resources advantages to cost advantages, create one of the three major global brands of green chemical industry dominated by PVA.

Polyvinyl alcohol was firstly discovered by German chemist W.O.Herrmann and Dr W.Haehnel in 1924. Dupont, USA started the industrial production in 1939. The PVA plant with the daily production 5 tons of Kurashiki Kenshoku Co., started the production in 1950. In 1963, under the personally arrangement of Primer Zhou Enlai, the Chinese government broke through the international blockade and introduced a full set of polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl alcohol fiber production equipment from Japan and started production. In 2009, Shuangxin Group broke the domestic technology blockade and entered into the PVA industry, injected new blood into high polymer material field and quickly grown as a key enterprise of domestic PVA industry.

In June, 2009   PVA Circular economy industry base started the construction.

In March, 2011  PVA product was produced;

In Dec., 2011     PVA Fiber product was produced;

In Oct., 2012     Inner Mongolia Shuangxin High Polymer Technology Research Institute was established.

In Oct., 2014      The company set up “ Science & Technology Innovation Base”


Add:Shuangxin Street,Mengxi Hi-tech Industry Zone, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China.