Congratulations to our company successfully passed the The Integration Management System of Two Chemicals Certification 2018-08-02

2018-08-03 16:55:10 admin 151

Recently, our company has successfully passed the he Integration Management System of Two Chemicals Certification and obtained the certificate issued by the ministry of industry and information technology (certificate no. : CSAIII-00318IIIMS0048901); This means that the overall level of the company's integrated management of informatization and industrialization has been affirmed by the state authorities. It is helpful for our company to systematically establish, implement, maintain and improve the general method of the integration process management mechanism, lead the company to strengthen change management, standardize the integration process and keep it under constant control, so as to continuously build new capabilities in the information environment and obtain sustainable competitive advantages matching the company's strategy.

At the same time, through the integration of the two ideas to achieve strategic transformation to find an effective direction and means of landing for our company. In terms of management reform, company leaders realize that information construction is not only a technical problem, but also a management revolution, which is a deep enterprise internal reform, and information technology should pay more attention to the improvement of system and organizational culture. Under the guidance of the system, the company's organizational structure, process management, technological innovation and other aspects have been effectively adjusted, also the development and utilization of data has been improved. As a chemical enterprise, the integration of the two systems of management provides a good standard for the implementation of information projects, and provides a strong guarantee for the successful implementation of information projects.



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