PVA26-99 (100-70)

POLYVINYL ALCOHOL 26-99 (100-70)1. Description of ProductAppearance: White Powder on Floor Solubility: Stable in almost all organic solvents. Not dissolved in animal and plant oils and gr

  • Brand: ShuangXin
  • Grade: 26-99 (100-70)
  • Package: 20kg

POLYVINYL ALCOHOL 26-99 (100-70)

1. Description of Product

Appearance:  White Powder on Floor            Solubility:  Stable in almost all organic solvents. Not dissolved in animal and plant oils and grease.

2. Application

(1) Adhesive industry: Paper production and converting, paper-tube  adhesive.

(2) Construction industry: Acetal product used for building glue, as paint of external and interior building walls, building adhesive.

(3) Ceramic industry: Chinalco ball binder, ceramic binder.

(4) Stabilizer industry: Emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate and urea formaldehyde glue viscosity stability, etc.

3. Specifications

a.         Hydrolysis degree: 99.3% - 100.0%

b.        Purity: 94.0%

c.         Viscosity: 78.1 - 82mpa.s

d.        Volatile:≤5.0%

e.         PH5~7

f.         Ash:≤0.7%

g.        NaAc:≤1.5%

4. StorageThe material is very stable with no risk of molding and deteriorating. Under dry condition. Indefinite when protected from moisture.

5. Dissolving Method: Pouring a certain amount of water into the dissolving tank, the water temperature should be below 30 , then start the blender and pour into PVA slowly, the filling speed with PVA should be keep into 10 kilograms per minutes advisable. Confirm the PVA powder has fully dispersed (about 10-20 minutes) then heat the solution, and it can be completely dissolved when heat to 90  about 1 hour.

Method of analysis: Viscosity is measured in 4% aqueous solution at 20. By a Brookfield type viscosimeter. PH is measured in 4% aqueous solution at 20Ash expressed as Na2O.


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